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The Tall Calm

Sara Renberg- The Tall Calm (Cassette)Tonight we’ll be playing our first show in two years! Celebrating the release of Sara Renberg’s new album on Antiquated Future Records, this will be a mellow acoutsic backyard show. (Email us for the address.)

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ImageIs kind of the best thing ever.

A couple months ago, his new album came out through Antiquated Future and it is wonderful and noisy and surely should have been on every year-end top 10 list. If the world was a just place.

He was also on the latest edition of Well, I Don’t See Why Not with this jaw-droppingly stunning song.

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Wishing Well

ImageThe new album from Tucker Theodore is out today and has an AMAZING cover of our song “Wishing Well.” He totally makes it his own.

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Well, I Don't See Why Not Vol. 4We just released our first song in a very long time. As part of the fourth volume of the Well, I Don’t See Why Not compilation series, we submitted a collaboration with poet Casey Fuller. It’s a little intro to the Ambient Poetics project we’ve been chipping away at for a very long time. A transcendent and humorous journey into what happens when we die.  We like it.

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Tucker Theodore

Next month the new album by Tucker Theodore is coming out on our Antiquated Future label. Known for his work in wild post-punk duo Buffalo Voice and his noise folk project Gunmothers Head, this is an album that is the perfect mix of weird and pretty.  (It even has an amazing Letters cover on it!)
The album is called To Make the Sun Hurt and there’s a couple songs from it streaming on Soundcloud and is up for pre-order on Bandcamp.

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It’s hard Imageto believe, but our music compilation series, Well, I Don’t See Why Not started exactly five years ago! The three volumes have spanned a wide variety of music and, after a two year hiatus, we’re happy to announce that Volume Four is in the works! The compilation will be released by our sister record label, Antiquated Future and will feature music that fits under the label’s theme of “music of the future past.”

And – in a truly odd incident of planning ahead – the release date is set for October 29th, 2013. We’ll be kicking it off with a release party in Portland, Or. with Upside Drown, Will Sprott of the The Mumlers and more to be announced.

We’ll have a new recording for this one, which will be the first in a while and I’m unsure what it will be like since we haven’t done anything for so long, but that’s what makes it exciting, huh?

If you want to help make Volume Four come to be, you can donate by buying one of the previous volumes, for whatever amount you’d like, on the Well, I Don’t See Why Not Bandcamp page. Thanks.

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Dance to the Music

We are extremely honored to have the Letters’ sister project Tapestry, and their/our album Lassen, being used by Chicago’s Laboratory Dancers. This is the rehearsal of the work. Really excited about this.

We also made all the albums on our Bandcamp page “Name Your Price,” so all can be digitally free or can be used as contributions/donations toward the album we’re going to finish up this summer (it’s decided).

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Lassen, by Tapestry

Tapestry albumOur alter ego, Tapestry, just released a short album. It’s taken from a live performance we did in the woods a couple years ago. A lot of the “songs” have been released as Letters songs in some form or another, but we always loved this recording because it captured a lot of the textural ambient/noise stuff we were doing at the time and never really got recorded in quite the same way.

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The future holds many things. Soon Letters will include the talents of Nahal Ghoghaie and Chask’e Lindgren (both of whom lent their talents to moments of All the Adventures to See Them I Will). Edmond Lapine (of Dreamriot), who’s been playing in Letters for the last eight months or so, will also be participating more in the creative process. To make room for some new songs to come into the world, I’ve been doing what I call “cleaning house” and digging up Letters material that never made it onto anything, or putting stuff online that has never been online before. So far, I’ve put our first album, In Case We Lose What We Have up on Bandcamp:

and put a couple new songs on Soundcloud:

More to come.

In other news, I’m starting a tape label called Antiquated Future. The first release will be an album from Blindfolder, alter ego of Seattle musician (and former Letter) Kieran Harrison-Buhlinger. I’m really excited about it. Website and more info coming soon.

There’s also talk of there being a split vinyl (!!!) release with Tempe, AZ’s Barren Nieces. See what comes.

Also would like to thank Kelsey Smith and Sara Pete for hosting us at the Olympia Timberland Library recently (see photo above). It was good times.



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Just a few


We just played a benefit in Portland for the Sex Workers’ Outreach Coalition that was really awesome. We were honored to be a part. We also shared the stage with great folks like Slow Teeth, Dhahm Roland, and the ever-bad ass Upside Drown. If you haven’t checked them out, you really should. To me it feels like getting a garage pop tarot reading. Which is awesome.

We also just posted a song on our Soundcloud. It’s off the Things We Do Not Yet Know How to Say tape that came out last year on Corpus Callosum. And since it’s one or two copies away from going out of print for good, we thought it a good time to share it further.

And finally, our split tape with Poppet also got reviewed on Das Klienicum. And, while we don’t know what it says exactly, it seems good!

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